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The California Futurium is envisioned as a pioneering institution dedicated to tackling pressing issues in the realm of climate change education and improving communication.

Education and Awareness: With a singular focus on the climate crisis and its associated challenges, the Futurium will assume a pivotal role in enlightening the broader public, even those skeptical or in denial, about the authentic urgency of the challenge. As an educational epicenter, it will provide immersive encounters and comprehensive information to improve awareness.


Small theater presentations would show Hollywood’s capabilities.

Behavioral Transformation: Immersive experiences possess the potential to profoundly shape individual perceptions and conduct. By exposing visitors to extreme climatic conditions and illustrating the dire consequences of inaction, the Futurium can inspire individuals to rally behind climate-conscious policies and practices.

Public Engagement: When thoughtfully designed and strategically situated, this facility could transcend borders to become a premier global attraction, inspiring visitors from across the globe, all eager to delve into the specifics of climate change and sustainable solutions.

Collaboration and Innovation: A consortium of Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and California’s leading universities would provide the creative power and authority unmatched anywhere in the world. This interdisciplinary synergy promises to yield the solutions the world needs to face this existential threat.

Addressing Denial: While it may not effect immediate conversions among staunch deniers, a meticulously executed Futurium can sow seeds of doubt and curiosity, propelling certain individuals to explore the issue further.

Political and Social Impact: By amassing support from both the general public and policymakers, the Futurium has the potential to exert substantial influence over climate-related policies and initiatives.



Over the past several years, we've witnessed a dramatic shift in our weather patterns from what we once considered normal. While scientists tirelessly emphasize the rising temperatures in our air and water, most individuals acknowledge the importance of these warnings, only to quickly change the channel. To confront this challenge, we must find more compelling ways to engage people, particularly those who remain skeptical.


Dubai’s Museum of the Future is one of only four competitors.

1. Imagine a Futurium where you can firsthand experience the real-time challenges posed by climate change -- the scorching heat, surging waters, bone-chilling cold, and parching dryness. Such an authentic and tangible encounter, unlike anything short of facing a hurricane, enduring a Death Valley summer, embarking on an Arctic expedition, or venturing to the moon, holds significant potential to reshape the perspectives of climate skeptics.

2. Many of us have been deeply moved by compelling climate change documentaries and videos, which initially leave us convinced of the looming threat. However, over time, the impact tends to fade. We firmly believe that this fade can be forestalled through an authentic, immersive experience—one that etches itself into a viewer's memory unlike any written or screened encounter.

3. California boasts the world's preeminent creative talents residing in both Hollywood and Silicon Valley. By harnessing the collective potential of these extraordinary industries, we can craft a "show" that's uniquely Californian in its innovation and impact.

4. Let's leverage our esteemed consortium of world-leading universities to advance the scientific basis that underscores, and explains, the imperative for sacrifice in critical areas. With institutions such as Caltech, Stanford, UCLA, USC, and UC Berkeley contributing, we can collectively champion what might aptly be termed "California to the Rescue!”



Los Angeles stands out as the prime choice due to its rich history of successfully addressing environmental challenges. There are multiple prominent locations that could house this vital icon, symbolizing the innovation and problem-solving abilities of Californians. Here are a few noteworthy options:


There are at least five excellent locations available in Los Angeles.

1. Above the Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee: This location would command global attention and captivate the 10 million Angelenos who could proudly admire it daily, whether during their visits or commutes.

2. Near USC, possibly in Exposition Park near the new Lucas Museum or east of the Harbor Freeway: Partnering with California's world-renowned universities, such as USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, Stanford, and Caltech, to operate the Futurium and contribute to its educational aspects would be transformative. Imagine the synergy of these academic powerhouses collaborating.

3. Baldwin Hills: An extraordinary but underutilized resource, Baldwin Hills offers breathtaking vistas and ample opportunities for various enhancements and improvements.

4. Sepulveda Pass: Located centrally, the Sepulveda Pass neighbors UCLA, the Getty Museum, Skirball Cultural Center, and the planned Berggruen Institute think tank. Such a lineup of institutions in close proximity would be truly exceptional.

5. Fort MacArthur, San Pedro: Multiple potential locations near the harbor, which is currently undergoing its own modernization, make this area an attractive option for the Futurium.

Additionally, it's worth noting that San Francisco could contemplate building a competing Futurium on Angel Island, which is an underutilized resource in its own right. This suggests that California as a whole could foster innovation and forward-thinking by embracing such visionary projects in multiple regions.

Overall, these locations reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of California, showcasing its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and education.



Whenever a significant transformation of the familiar landscape is proposed, inevitably there are objections raised. is envisioned as a pioneering institution dedicated to tackling We are well-prepared to address such concerns. The construction of a California Futurium, regardless of its location in Los Angeles, promises substantial benefits not only to our future generations but also to the local economy, our state's reputation as a pioneering force in environmental initiatives, and, importantly, to the current residents of Los Angeles. By repurposing underutilized spaces into destinations of pride, we aim to create a place where both residents and visitors can delight in the essence of California's unparalleled creativity and its capacity for leadership.


The Sphere in Las Vegas has shown what modern exhibitions require.

To underscore this notion, the Futurium's construction will employ revolutionary, cutting-edge building methods and utilize modern environmentally friendly materials. This approach will enable the Futurium to evolve right before the eyes of a global audience, with architects narrating its progress as it unfolds. The Futurium’s compelling building process offers Hollywood an unparalleled chance to reaffirm its status as the entertainment capital of the world.

With unwavering commitment to our vision, we are wholeheartedly devoted to crafting a compelling public presentation that can sway even the most resolute skeptics. The inhabitants of Los Angeles are fortunate to call one of the world's most unique regions their home, and we should feel an immense sense of pride in leading the charge against the climate crisis.

Note: In recent news, the Las Vegas SPHERE has officially opened its doors, positioning itself as a contender to replace Hollywood as the entertainment capital of the world. Perhaps we can consider a second-generation version of this remarkable structure to be a Futurium, dedicated to the pursuit of science, and at a considerably reduced cost.



With robust backing from the public, the Futurium project could become a reality more easily than one might expect. We've identified several excellent locations, all city, county, or state-owned, which would require modest restructuring, all are viable options.


Berlin’s Futurium could partner with Los Angeles as a Sister City.

1. While this proposal undeniably warrants state support, it is equally crucial for the city and county to be fully invested in this endeavor. Private and corporate contributors should see this opportunity as a chance to be part of an iconic, purpose-driven, and globally renowned structure—akin to having their names associated with the Eiffel Tower. Individual private financial support will also be important.

2. Building the Organizational Foundation: Even before securing funding, establishing a robust organization to oversee the project's inception is paramount. Currently, we are a small, passionate organization eager to expand by welcoming individuals who share our belief in the project's potential. We are actively seeking advisors from various fields, including architecture, museums, entertainment, finance, public relations, social media, and more. Our meetings take place at the Hollywood Lighthouse, a unique, former B&B on Hollywood Blvd.

3. Expediting the Timeline for the 2028 Olympic Games: To debut the Futurium during the 2028 Olympic Games, we must act swiftly. We are in the process of assembling a team of dedicated volunteers who want to be part of something transformative. Imagine looking back in a decade and knowing that you played a pivotal role in the success of the California Futurium, contributing significantly to addressing our climate challenges.


Let’s ride the Olympic bandwagon!

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